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Cardinal's Creations started as an idea. Originally, I was making soaps to help with my ex-fiancés Eczema and in the beginning, I did not see much difference because I was using non-organic oils that you can simply find at your local Walmart. With ambition I did more research on the benefits of Organic oils like sunflower oil and avocado oil, even more expensive oils like jojoba oil and shea/ mango butter. So, with inspiration, I scrapped everything and started a new with all USDA Certified Organic and changed my recipes. After 2 weeks I saw a huge difference on my ex-fiancé's hands. They were not red and irritated anymore they were smooth and actually the color of his skin. I was so happy I was able to help him with this lifelong condition he has that I wanted to share it with more people. I started giving soap to family and friends and they loved the product and some even gave feedback that I'm very happy for because it is always nice to get good quality, friendly feedback to aspire yourself to grow. Now I am here, and hopefully you now know a little bit more about my journey, and travel along with me by purchasing my products.



Our mission is to educate everyone on how organic ingredients really do have an impact on our bodies, and our planet.

Interesting fact- Our epidermis layer (our skin) is considered the largest organ in the human body. 

All the more reason to take exceptional care of it!


The vision for Cardinal's Creations is to grow and really broaden the horizons for the soap industry. We are small now but with time and hard work we can make this little soap business become more. Let's enjoy one soap at a time.

Scarred Leg
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